Original  Project Engineering Limited is established to provide our customer with professional signage fabrication and installation services. Our engineer has over 25 years experience in signage, display and promotional items. We specialise in signage fitting and project management and take pride our ability to bring your signage project to completion with ease and professionalism.

Over the years, we build our experience in specialist signage installation including architectural signage, high access, way-finding signage and vinyl applications. Handling signage types ranging from functinal door signs, statutory fire and safety signs with a twist to stylish signs fabricated from sustainable glass, metal, stone and acrylics and illuminated with LED brilliance. We can help you to find the best posssible fixing method to put your signage idea into practice whelther it is freestanding, fixed to the wall and hung from the ceiling.

Our engineers had been participated in a number of large-scale signage/advertising projects:
- Central Landmark Plaza
- Queensway Government Offices
Tamar Project
- Major shopping centers of LINK 
- And major construction companies' building sites.